While You Weren’t Looking takes the essence of a grand swashbuckling adventure and miniaturizes it to a 5-year-old size.

Our young hero Daylen lives a boring life under the watchful eyes of over-protective adults, especially his dotting, self-helping mother.  His life is so without interest that he’s retreated into not talking at all, fueling the adults’ ever lamer attempts to educate and protect him.  Tragically, he’s entered a mid-life crisis at 5-years-old.

But while on a grocery trip with his Mom, he spots another boy riding a shopping cart, and sets up an opportunity to steal away the shopping cart from his Mom.

Out on the open seas of aisleways and bright displays, Daylen learns the ins and outs of his cart, narrowly missing catastrophe and rolling behind the backs of the distracted shoppers in the store.  He meets up with Jackson, the local hot-rodder of the grocery store circuit, and gets into a riotous race with him throughout the store, where the two boys become, well, let’s just say racing buddies.

While Mom paces the store looking for her son, a shop clerk decides to join in the fun with disastrous results, allowing  the boys make a clean escape.

Reunited with her now talkative son, Mom learns a lesson about boys growing up, and they head out to the car, where Daylen still has one trick up his sleeve.