Character Breakdown


An pint-sized, blonde, 6-year-old boy, Daylen has suffered the obsessive over-protectiveness of his mother all of his life, to the point of speechless depression. He has a fierce courage underneath his frail exterior, and longs to frolic and have fun. He balances his desire for laughter and mischievousness with the need to love and respect his mother. Character has very few lines, so control of facial expressions and body language are important, and he should be comfortable and excited about riding a shopping cart.


A slim, mid-twenties working Mom with an over-active imagination and a busy busy life, Mom lives in constant fear that some accident or harm will come to her son Daylen. A mind warped with too many self-help books and quotes, too much caffeine, and a boundless compassion for all those around her, she’s a mess; a lovable, well-meaning, short-attention span mess.


An older Hungarian hair-dresser that’s been fired from a dozen salons – 6 for her shrill yakking voice, the other 6 for customer complaints – Ilonka is a Euro-trash throwback with an overdramatic nature. She has an amazing ability to suck you into the conversation about any topic. Think Lucile Ball by way of Eastern Europe.

A 8-year-old version of the Fonz, Jackson is the local drag racer of the grocery store with a tough look and too-cool attitude. Dark hair and complexion preferred, and should be comfortable and excited about riding a shopping cart.

She may have silver hair and arthritis, but she still does it all, and looks good in a track suit too.
Stocking Clerk 1  

18-20 yr old, tall and gangly, potential to get into some trouble, skater-type.




 Old Man in Coke-Bottle Glasses  – 60-70 year-old grandfather, ancient look, mild-mannered, but very particular.

 Old Lady Driver  – 60-70 year-old grandma, ancient look, small, sweet, looks and acts a little ditzy.

Jackson’s Mom - A mid-30s to mid-40s mother, dark complexion. She’s very serious, and prefers pearls to chains.

Dad Pushing Kid in Shopping Cart  – mid-30s, athletic, successful tech type.

Kid Being Pushed in Shopping Cart -  7-10 year old, boy or girl, big smile and a talent for being excited.

Store Manager  – mid-40s, stern-looking, has been managing the store for years and runs a tight operation. Fair, but doesn’t like mischief.

Stocking Clerk 2 – Mid-30’s man with imposing face. Must project air of authority.



PEOPLE IN GROCERY STORE (5-10 per day) (Professors, young couples, other shoppers)

GUESTS AT LUAU (15-20) (Varied – teenagers, adults from 20s-40s)