Things Just Keep Getting Better

on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 8:08 pm
Funny thing about life – it hands you things that you never would have planned for, because you would have never thought you could get it.
During our intense casting sessions the past two weeks, we’ve had a number of fantastic actors come in for all parts, and a huge number of brave and talented children that came in to audition.
But one actor stood out the most to me, and also just happened to be a girl.  As we went through callbacks and more auditions, the feeling that she had something even more to give this story kept growing, and as I found out more about her, the more I knew she was meant to be Daylen.
So now I welcome Sarah-Eve Gazitt to the film, and all of our fantastic cast to the project, each one a star themselves somehow.  Thanks to their talents, we’ll get to see something we’ve only dreamed of before, and I’m so very thankful for their willingness to come on board with this director.
Here’s our full cast list:
Sarah-Eve Gazitt (Arthur, Spinning) as our lead
Alycia Delmore (Humpday, The Off Hours) as Mom
Jordi Marquez Twisdale as Jackson
Meg Savlov (Ira Finklestein’s Christmas) as Ilonka
Anne Allgood as Grandma
Marv Rosand as the Old Man
Terry Moore as the Store Manager
Conner Marx as Stocking Clerk #1
Janice Claussen as the Old Lady Driver
Ernie Joesph as Stocking Clerk #2
Put Your Car in a Movie
We’re in the hunt for a very special vehicle: The Behemoth Grandma Vehicle.  This car is the sort of large car that can barely get around roundabouts, it glides down the road with assurance, because it’s the only thing that can fit on the road.  If anybody has any leads on a vehicle like this, email Sean Walsh at
Production Needs Continue Growing as Well…
It’s inevitable that in a film this size, more budget is always needed, especially when you have a crew as professional as we do that need support.  If you haven’t donated, you can still do so at the IFP Seattle page.  If you have already donated (some of you twice I know), try to encourage somebody else to donate, you lovely people.
We’re also in the hunt for executive producers that would like to join the production for a ride to film festivals and beyond, get a full inside peek at indie filmmaking, watch monitor side as the film is shot, get the best seats at every screening and meet the best crew in Seattle. Anybody interested can email for more details.
No cash?  Donate yourself, be an extra. We’ll be sending notices later for extra roles that we’ll want to fill, it’s a great chance to see the set and all the action.
Further Updates:
Every day we keep adding more talented people to our crew, and more creative solutions to knock this ambitious project down to a manageable size.
We’ve secured a large production homebase adjacent to our grocery store, our art department is gearing up for a tough battle to put everything on screen and under budget, and our stunt rigs carts are being built as we speak.
Very excitedly yours,
Jeremy Mackie