A Day In The Life

on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at 9:16 pm

Whew, this day has it all, and it’s a little look at the machinery of a small film.  This morning I started with calling the manager of a grocery store to follow up on a possible location for shooting the funding trailer.  Tough going as many grocery store location asks have been, having a film in their store is not tops on their list, but the man did me a good turn and worked out a plan to shoot for 2 hours at a closed entrance at night starting at 9pm, only on Sundays and Thursdays.  Ensuing emails to possible cast and crew to see if we can make it work with our schedules, like threading a calculus equation with an alphabet of variables.

Then on to trying to lay out a plan for a fundraiser.  Excited and apprehensive about this idea; a fantastic event to plan, but I want to make sure it really pays off and improves and makes the film better, ’cause it’s going to be a lot of work.  But the plan whirled out to planning a great classic board game tournament with some fun extra events, (Segway rides and shopping cart races! Whew, how again?)  Got that outline whipped into shape and sent it around for some thoughts about whether we can pull it off. Jonas Jensen would be the perfect location, if anybody has any thoughts about how to secure the location at a non-profit price, let me know

Next I went to turn in a grant application at the NWFF, and it turns out no financial grants are being accepted until next year. Hope the program does get up and running eventually.  Checked out the 4Culture Arts grants, and might submit an application, but all this time submitting for scarce grant money makes me think I’d rather spend the time working for guaranteed small funds.

Finally some emails about a potential composer for the teaser and set up a meeting with a recommended composer.  His schedule is tight for a project like this, but interested to see what musical suggestions he can bring to the script and teaser.

And after all this typing, spending some time finding music for the funding trailer.