Teaser Trailer Shooting, Day 1

on Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 9:11 pm

In an effort to cure this filmmaker from paper cuts and the beginnings of carpal tunnel, I got some friends together to donate their time and equipment for a day of filming a teaser trailer for the short, because I’m tired of trying to make a film by not filming. In a testament to their devotion, they did this on SuperBowl Sunday, for no money.

Griffen Cowen starred in his first role on film, and fought hard to overcome his natural rambunctious self to be sad for a day. And special thanks to Lane Stroud who took on a thankless role as the Mom that’s never really seen.

With no budget and only a few locations and actors available to us, we made a ‘sketch’ of the film, with little rehearsal and a reduced storyline, but some of the gags may make it into the final piece.

But what a joy to see all the professionals I’ve worked with step up and get the job done. Thanks to Ilona Kelly for coordinating, Cheryl Cowen for the use of her house, Ryan Middleton for bringing his lighting skills and the Single Source truck, TJ Williams for his framing skills and working with such a tiny camera, and Christian Hansen for his camera assistant skills and his stop motion genius.

With some luck in finding a composer and a grocery store for the second half, we may have something that can give people a hint of what this film can be.