Put a Little Something in This Movie’s Stocking

on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Happy Holidays Everyone-

Even though our little short film about kids racing shopping carts didn’t get the prize in this year’s IFP Spotlight Grant, we’re going to make it anyways; cheaper, faster, and with more adventure.

Gone are the grandiose plans for 35mm cameras and 40 person paid crews, replaced with the RED, a lean and mean shooting schedule, and help from whoever can donate it.

But even still we need funds to be able attempt this production, so I’m hoping you can find some room in your Santa bag for a donation to a fun indie kid’s adventure film. Every dollar helps, so please give what you can.

Thanks to the IFP, we’ve qualified for non-profit status, which means anything you donate can be written off as 100% Tax-Deductible. (I know you freelancers out there will be scrounging for these in 4 months – buy yourself a present for April!)

Right now, you can donate online at the IFP Seattle Web site (http://www.ifpseattle.org/events_sponsor_projects.htm) by clicking on ‘Donate’ under the While You Weren’t Looking paragraph. You can also send checks made out to While You Weren’t Looking LLC â„… IFP Seattle, P.O. Box 23159, Seattle, WA 98102.

But I know many of you on this list have already given your time and money to this film and so many others, so I’m just asking that you try to pass this email on to anybody that might be looking to donate to a non-profit before the end of the year. Have an uncle that’s always wanted to be involved in the movies? Send him this email. Want a film that Grandma can donate to and you won’t have to edit the film before she sees it? Send her this email. Know a friend that wants to support the visual moving arts? Send them this email.

Every donation helps, no matter how small, every single prop, costume or location that you help buy will help make this film better.

And if you know anybody that works at a company that matches employee donations, encourage them to use their matching program to double up their donation. I can’t stress how valuable these employee matching programs are for small projects like this, it can make or break a film, and just a few matched donations can go a long ways to filling our coffers.

Finally, check out our Facebook page for the latest script, promotional stills, photos of the Steerable Shopping Cart 1.0, and the latest production documents.

Peace, Love and Movie Making!

Jeremy Mackie

PS: Casting for lead and supporting 6-8 year-old kids will be going on this winter. If you know of anybody that might be interesting in having their adorable child in a movie, send photos my way!